September 8, 2017

Draper, Utah September 8, 2017: Reynolds Excavation, Demolition and Utilities received an Award of Merit from the Utah Safety Council for outstanding safety performance.

An organization must have an incident rate that is below the national average in order to receive an Award of Merit. The organization must also demonstrate improvement, or sustain an excellent record.

“Our safety culture works,” General Manager Timothy Brown said. “When I look at those who are engaged in the process, they are successful because they perform TRACK (Think through the task, Recognize the Hazards, Assess the hazards, Control the hazards, Keep safety first in all tasks), GOAL (Get out and look), who consistently turn inches into feet, and are willing to get a spotter or be a spotter. They are the ones who work safe.  Every incident that we have had as a company, almost without fail, has occurred because we omitted very basic and simple steps in the process. The incident, damage, or even injury to people could have been eliminated if the safety guidelines had been followed. This is why we stress safety every day, to everyone we speak with. If we are safe than we are successful.”

Reynolds Excavation, Demolition and Utilities submitted three years’ worth of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Injury Information and was then ranked by their incident rate. There were seven total recordable cases within the three year period. Four of the incidents occurred in 2014, and the other three occurred in 2015. One of the accidents that occurred in 2014 required employee time away from work. There were no recordable incidents in 2016. During the three year time-frame, there were 327,244 average man hours worked per year.

Reynolds Excavation, Demolition and Utilities also met all other Safety program requirements. The requirements included (but were not limited to) holding quarterly safety meetings, having and following a safety and health program with a regular review, having a written plan, performing regular inspections, providing employee safety training on all OSHA-required topics, and not sustaining any work-related fatalities during the three year time frame.

Reynolds Excavation, Demolition & Utilities plans to continue making safety a top priority in all lines of business.